Lezita for everyone Lezita for everyone

As Markam Brand Consultancy, we supported Lezita which is a chicken meat producer in Turkey, to create a new brand architecture, brand relavence differantiation, brand strategies and brand concept.


After a long assessing the landscape process, analyzing the market and estimate our target needs. We have started to work to re-creation of brand architecture, we eliminated some sub brands, instead of these we created new sub brands. After all of this we prepeared 10-year projection of future to determine the strategic goals of the company.


The new brand essence of Lezita is: Protein. Because the chicken meat provides to ‘’whole’’ digestible protein for human body. Then we owned this feature of the chicken meat as Lezita. Our motto became: “whole protein”.


The new brand character of Lezita would be reliable, transparent, innovator and to be expert. According to our new brand character we changed the corporate identity of Lezita included brand logo and packaging. For this work we colloborated with Orhan Irmak who is one of the most component package designer in Turkey.


For the new advertising campaign for Lezita we collaborated with Büro Advertising Agency. Our new Lezita campaign is on the air at radio channels, magazines and online platform.


We believe everybody deserve the high quality nutritions & trust to what do they eat because of all this reasons we said “Lezita for everyone”. And we believe Lezita will be one of the biggest chicken brand until 2020.

21 January 2015 Wednesday